Use Health Benefits and FSA Funds to Your Advantage

Hearing insurance, while only offered to about 15 percent of the workforce, when provided can give much relief to the cost of hearing aids. Be sure to contact your insurer for more detailed information about your specific policy. If Beaver Dam Hearing Care is a preferred provider with your insurance company, we will directly bill your insurance for payment. You will be billed for any unpaid balance not paid by your insurance.

Your employer may also offer an FSA or HSA (flexible spending account or health spending account) that pulls money from your paycheck pre-tax and sets it aside for future medical expenses. Hearing aids are one of the approved medical expenses these pre-tax dollars can be spent on. In these situations, the money to pay for the hearing aid would still come out of your pocket, but it would be untaxed. If you’ve already used your funds for the current year, please consider what your hearing needs will be next year when you sit down with your company’s benefits coordinator and decide how much of your paycheck you’d like to reserve tax-free for next year.


We work with the following insurances:

  • Dean / Dean MA
  • Medicare
  • Network Health
  • Quartz / Quartz MA
  • The Alliance
  • Medicaid
  • MHS
  • BlueCross BlueShield

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Medicare pay for my hearing care needs?
Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) will cover diagnostic hearing exams only if your primary care physician refers you for the test based on your symptoms, conditions, or complaints. Medicare does not currently cover hearing aids, follow up care for hearing aids, or exams for fitting hearing aids.
Will Medicaid pay for my hearing care needs?
Wisconsin Medicaid will cover the diagnostic hearing exams only if your primary care physician refers you for the test based on your symptoms, conditions or complaints. If a hearing loss is diagnosed and hearing aids are recommended, the Audiologist will work with Wisconsin Medicaid to get the hearing aids approved for payment by the insurance.
Will Beaver Dam Hearing Care, LLC bill my insurance for hearing aids?
Yes, we will bill your insurance company directly if there is a known hearing aid benefit. Please be aware you will be responsible for any unpaid portion not paid by your insurance company.